Comprehensive Sell-Side Services!

FIX engine services and API development to connect and integrate with buy-side and broker clients. FIX connectivity, FIX traffic, and transaction management services.
Sell-side challenges includes integration technology consulting, trading terminals, order management systems, back office, clearing and settlement system and its services, algo trading platform and its services, support on market data services, risk management services, and data migration services.
Recognizing this, Sensiple supported by understanding the trade flow in minimal period and provides solution integration layer (connectivity to buy-side and venues), validation services and testing services, FIX session management and routing services, OMS and back-office systems enhancement in terms of effective sorting and flowing of transactions, FIX gateway services on market Data, order routing, drop copy, order, and trade management gateways.

What sets us apart

A broad collection of customizable, multi-asset/multi-currency trading strategies and trading solutions with efficient algorithmic trading and execution management system for multi-asset classes. All-inclusive, multi-asset Order Management System with integrated compliance unit, decision support, and portfolio management.

Who we serve

Member Firms, Investors, Hedge Funds, Brokers, Custodians, Agents, Banks, and Regulators.

Our solutions and services support the following markets:

  • Equity
  • Future and Options
  • Fixed Income (bonds, debt, repos, IRS, NDF)
  • Foreign Exchange (Forex)
  • ETF
  • Commodities

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