Venues & Intermediaries Services

Trading firms today counterfeit the need to reinvent their operational processes and respond quickly to the emerging trends in trade and post-trade landscapes. The pressure to sustain the growing competition, maintain revenue streams, and focus on regulatory compliance has made it imperative for Capital Market institutions like venues and intermediaries to maintain a competitive edge. Sell-side/intermediaries challenges include real-time connectivity and session management, simulation sell-side systems to test and verify trading components and functionality. Connection with all servers and associated scenario testing before connecting to live connections. Test end-to-end connectivity, trading functionalities with all counterparty systems, and perform a complete scenario required to perform trading activity.
Sensiple recognized these challenges by implementing reliable, superior, and cost-effective services and solutions. With Sensiple's venues and intermediaries' services, firms can experience successful transformation and gain the ability to navigate through Capital Market complexities across the value chain.

Service offerings
  • Integration monitoring services, integration reconciliation and support, reporting services, API definitions and consulting, data migration services and certification support
  • Development of trading infrastructure enhancements and profile updates, events-based updates and other updates for any components
  • Complete testing of trading components: Regression testing, performance testing, Conformance testing, and UAT with configuring possible test cases and scenarios
What sets us apart
  • Recognize new areas for revenue growth through a business transformation to optimize costs, improve processes, and reduce turnaround times
  • Improved operational efficiency, through standardization of business processes and technology systems
  • Focuses aggressively on achieving regulatory compliance at a minimum cost due to volatility in the regulatory changes
  • Provides sustainable growth to firms by generating maximum ROI on technology spends

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