FIX Simulation Services

Perform FIX trading simulation to reduce the error-prone process of manually testing the FIX trading system. This service creates an order matching environment to various API provided by venues/intermediaries and manage FIX connections from multiple FIX trading applications. FIX counterparties for the FIX trading partner application can be configured by creating a listener session and connecting it with the client application (FIX trading partner).

FIX simulation validates the FIX client request and process/simulate the response message. The simulator, as a server application, supports default validation and custom validation from the client application (FIX trading partner). Once it is validated, simulator process order execution, post-trade report generation, and market data generations based on required inputs. The FIX simulation services include,

  • Simulating the real-time server system
  • Supporting and developing exchange environment, simulate logic-based executions for trades
  • Creating the simulation of external market data feeder & log replay exchange behavior
  • Session handling for a considerable number of clients
  • FIX specification validation for all the incoming requests
Addressing Industry Challenges

FIX Simulation area faces a challenge in handling responses and message management while performing a massive volume of transactions. Also, managing and organizing a wide range of exchange simulations and supporting multiple FIX gateways such as market data, order entry, order, and trade management and the post-trade gateway is challenging.

What sets us apart

To provide a solution to simulation business functionality with extensive capability. The firm’s expertise in the simulation area includes simulation and configuration server connections.

Simulate multiple modes of exchange that specific to the client test scenario: in-depth validation, quality check services, effective archiving, and report management.

Who we serve

Member Firms, Investors, Hedge Funds, Brokers, Custodians, Agents, Banks, and Regulators.

Our solutions and services support the following markets:

  • Equity
  • Future and Options
  • Fixed Income (bonds, debt, repos, IRS, NDF)
  • Foreign Exchange (Forex)
  • ETF
  • Commodities

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