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Venues and Intermediaries

Capital Market firms today counterfeit the need to reinvent their operational processes and respond quickly to the emerging trends in trade and post-trade landscapes. The pressure to sustain the growing competition, maintain revenue streams, and focus on regulatory compliance has made it imperative for Capital Market institutions like venues and intermediaries to maintain a competitive edge. To do so, they need to implement reliable, superior and cost effective services and solutions.

With Sensiple's Capital Market venues and intermediaries’ solutions, firms can experience cost effective transformation and gain the ability to navigate through Capital Market complexities across the value chain. We offer trading platform solutions to exchanges and trading venues that help them to comply with new regulations and also enable them to create new avenues for business growth across multiple asset classes. These include equities, derivatives, FOREX, Fixed Income, Commodities, ETF, etc., and for various venue liquidity sources like stock exchanges, ECN, ATS, Dark pools, DMA and FIX networks to cater an increasing number of customers and complexity due to high-frequency trading scenarios.

Sensiple's Capital Market solution provides trading venues and exchanges with a range of solutions that can be customized to suit individual customer needs in multiple locations across multiple asset classes. We offer various solutions to all liquidation sources in the areas of:

  • Developing complete stock exchange products for different asset classes, with high performance matching engines
  • Building high performance, real-time precious trading terminals, Market analytic solutions, Sophisticated monitoring system
  • Developing complex system integration, high-frequency matching system, Market data generation, integration, and distribution network
  • Integrating real-time risk management for participants by liquidation sources
  • Building real-time settlement solutions
How are we different:
  • Recognize new areas for revenue growth through business transformation to optimize costs, improve processes, and reduce turnaround times
  • Improved operational efficiency, through standardization of business processes and technology systems
  • Focuses aggressively on achieving regulatory compliance at minimum cost due to volatility in the regulatory changes
  • Provides sustainable growth to firms by generating maximum ROI on technology spends

Business Stand Points

Regulatory pressures - Increased regulatory reforms are affecting financial intermediaries’ firms

Solution - After the severe crisis of 2008 and 2009, the regulatory environment for financial intermediaries has tightened and thereby impacting trade volumes on stock exchanges. Regulators nowadays are looking to improve transparency in the OTC (Over The Counter) market which further widens the pressure among the intermediaries. Sensiple Venues and intermediaries’ solution can help in cost-effective transformation, thereby allowing you to concentrate on your core business. We build you technology that keeps you updated on a timely basis.

Improving risk management - Are you facing high danger in dealing with large trades?

Solution - Trading is highly volatile, and the values go up and down in no time. Intermediaries possess high risk due to latency, and there is always a considerable amount of risk involved with bulk trading. Sensiple's venues and intermediaries’ services take care of the reconciliation between the buyers and the sellers. We provide high frequency and dark pools trading, wherein traders take a minimal position for a small period, thereby reducing the risk involved in large trades.

A competitive edge - Is the increasing competition pulling you out of the game?

Solution - Competition is growing across industries and technology advancement has made the game even tighter. There is a broad range of players in the intermediary market, which push the industry to advance technically and to sustain the amount of competition. Sensiple's venues and intermediary services take care of entire technology part and perform updates on the regulations without any time lag. We upgrade the system as a whole, thereby helping you to stay ahead of your competition.

Infrastructure upgrades - Not able to cope up with high-frequency trading?

Solution - Technology is ever changing and having its impact across industries. It has led to the high-frequency trading which eventually has increased its share of total trading volume. Sensiple helps to build IT infrastructure which can become a key differentiator in delivering better investor experience. We can assist you in upgrading your technology infrastructure, thereby providing high-frequency trading at lower risks.

Technology Stack

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