Reimagining your contact center experience with technology!

Contact center leaders today are torn between conflicting priorities. On the one hand, they must orchestrate effortless experiences that their customers and employees expect of them. On the other, they must ensure the profitability of their contact center or at least that the costs don’t run too high. Legacy solutions make it difficult to track the entire customer journey leading to siloed workflows and fragmented experiences that eventually push up costs and pull down satisfaction.

The fix can be as simple as modernizing your contact center with a unified platform that spurs efficiency across every point in the customer journey. Join the first of our webinar series "Modernize Your Contact Center Experience: Make It Lean, Versatile & Future-Proof", where our in-house contact center technology experts Harish and Yashwant will walk you through use-cases that demonstrate how solutions powered by next-gen technology like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Intelligent Routing can level up your contact center experience, making it lean, versatile and future-proof!

What you will learn:

    Maximizing cost-efficiency by enhancing self-service
    Saving cost with minimal set-up requirements
    Boosting productivity with a unified agent console
    Empowering agents to handle multiple languages and channels
    Remaining relevant for the long haul with frequent upgrades

Meet our Presenters

Harish K

Harish’s deep familiarity of the contact center domain comes from spending more than 15 years in it. As he scaled the ranks from technical executive to product manager in product teams of contact center technology majors, his perspective widened to accommodate finer aspects of contact center challenges. He is now helming the development of tryvium, Sensiple’s service desk platform.


Yashwant’s Subject Matter Expertise covers a wide expanse of the Conversational AI universe. He talks enthusiastically about Voice Assistant, Conversational Intelligence Chatbot, Digital Human, and Metaverse. Currently, he leverages the knowledge gathered from Amazon Alexa and Avaamo to lead the effort in the design and development of Sensiple’s Conversational AI virtual assistant, Jenie.

Ranjith Joe Suganth

Ranjith is the captain of the Product Management ship at Sensiple. He deftly steers it through challenges, building on his rich product management experience and sophisticated understanding of the contact center market. His demonstrated competence lies in defining product strategies and roadmaps that rake in exponential wins both for the business and our customers.