Safeguarding against fatal chemicals: How God’s Eye implements PPE compliance?

Chemical manufacturing industries are highly vulnerable to industrial accidents for they’re at the top chart in the likelihood of causing hazards such as burns, bruises, inhalation of poisons, chemical contact, etc. Manufacturers enforce extra precaution of wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for employees working under this environment.

Unfortunately, these preventive measures don’t simply solve the problem. No matter how many times manufacturers run through safety drills and talks, some workers will always deviate from the standard safety policies, including their PPE.

Reporting near misses, sentinel, and adverse events in real-time: enjoy an accident-free workplace with God’s Eye

Manufacturing floors are most vulnerable to safety incidents and severe injuries. Factory employees work in dangerous areas that put their lives at risk. Most of these accidents are preventable, and organizations are taking all preemptive measures to stop these unfortunate episodes. That’s good.

How God’s Eye drives your employees’ safety and performance for better?

Working on shop floors have always been hazardous, and manufacturing employees are vulnerable and exposed to harmful working conditions at all times. Although manufacturers strive to reduce the hazards, prevent accidents, and manage risks, sometimes those safety measures are not effective enough to avoid future misfortunes.

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