PhiFIX, An automated FIX Session Certifier & Client Onboarding Platform!

PhiFIX Certifier performs conformance testing (Auto Responder), certification testing, and onboarding testing scenarios through this platform. The certifier acts as a certification body and conducts the FIX certification process for any incoming business FIX messages and to onboard FIX clients.

How it Functions

This system verifies connection, FIX messages based on session and business rules, and also validates certification specific rules from a client onboarding perspective.

PCS (PhiFIX, FIX Certifier Suite) system possess test case configuration part where user specifies all possible request and response combinations for certification.

FIX scenario for certification can be built and applied to the listener session. The listener session will use certification scenario rules from the client-side and generate appropriate responses once it was applied.

What sets us apart

PCS supports multi-protocol such as FAST, ITCH/OUCH, and EMAPI along with FIX protocol. It is multi-platform supportive and modularized at any level.

Multiple listener session support, along with dialect functionality support (field, component, and group level). Perform test case configuration for any business specification to implement the certification process and conformance testing process.

Scenario configuration for the auto broker, certification, and test case configuration part is a built-in generic way that any API business configuration and onboarding test cases can be supported.

Key Features
Multi- connectivity (Listener)

Multi- connectivity (Listener)

Instant Report generation

Instant report generation

Archiving reports & Notification

Archiving reports & notification

Certification rules and configuration

Certification rules and configuration

Reference data and master data management

Reference data and master data management

Simplified Configuration & In-depth Analysis

Simplified configuration & In-depth analysis

Rule-based & Complex Scenario Validation

Rule-based & complex scenario validation

Request validator for FIX sessions

Request validator for FIX sessions

Customized Dialects & Dialect functionality support

Customized dialects & dialect functionality support

Certification History

Certification history

Multi-protocol supportive

Multi-protocol supportive

Generation of Certification reports

Generation of certification reports

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