We live in a world that's getting more and more digital every day. In such a dynamic world, old ways of thinking and doing has to constantly give way for new. For instance, yesterday’s paper-based systems for your everyday processes, like checking KYC compliance and opening new accounts can’t handle today’s demands for instant speed, accuracy, and data security! The best way to do such low-value but high-precision tasks is to automate them.

Sensiple's Robotic Process Automation solutions on the robust MS Power Automate platform can help you eliminate errors, save time, improve data compliance, plug revenue leakages and reap 2X ROI. Research has proven that increasing efficiency with Power Automate enabled organizations to see a 199% increase in ROI over 3 years and a 27.4% reduction in error. Experience such efficiency in your business operations with our automation expertise.

Leverage the power of AI-based technology for increased productivity

Gain higher efficiency with intelligent automations

With the use of intelligent automation, workflows happen continuously, mistakes and interruptions dwindle and operations become more streamlined.

Lower risk exposure with advanced analytics

With our automation solutions, you can access and organize critical data and also use AI & analytics to make connections between your data and mitigate risks.​

Integrate effortlessly with existing technology

Get to integrate easily with your new technology without any hurdles, and find and retrieve information through high-speed conduits between systems.​

Progress quicker with rapid deployment

Discover additional possibilities with developer units by automating your tasks in a flexible, low-code environment.

Get instant alerts with rules-based bots

Enable critical decision-makers to get instant fraudulent alerts or notifications with the use of rules-based bots at instances of money laundering.

Improve customer experience with intelligent pairing

Pair chatbots with robots to increase their capabilities and accelerate the deployment of customer self-service preferences.

Reap value by investing in modernized processes

Handle all the repetitive, cross-system processes with higher speed and accuracy by using automation in critical functional areas like accounting, servicing, and trade processing.

What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

Our long-standing relationships with our customers are built firmly on trust and a customer-focused approach. But you don’t just have to take our word for it. Check out what one of our customers has to say about working with us.

“We estimate Sensiple’s AI solution will save us about 80 hours per month, resulting in our team being able to send more proposals and having a competitive advantage. I also am super impressed with the power automate functions, which work seamlessly. This was a critical feature to make the tool easy to use for our sales team without modifying their training or processes.”

- CEO, IT Consulting Firm

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