PhiFIX, a FIX session Surveillance Suite for real-time FIX transaction monitoring!

PhiFIX Surveillance Suite is the FIX transaction monitoring and alerting platform. It captures complete transactions from the client log and generates various alerts and statistical information as needed. Static log and dynamic logs can be mapped and monitored within this FIX session surveillance suite.

How it Functions

This suite provides various options to the FIX users from transactions, alerts, filter and color. FIX users can set-up any number of configurations depending on their business requirements and map those configurations to the log file. Once the log file is connected, all FIX transactions are monitored & alerted based upon the configuration provided and applied & the log file can also be archived.

This FIX session surveillance suite supports multi-protocol such as FAST, ITCH/OUCH and EMAPI along with FIX protocol. It is multi-platform supportive and modularized at any level.

What sets us apart

It can support multiple FIX servers at the same time and also displays every different session for every server. With this, session wise transaction and statistics and global statistics that contains all sessions from FIX servers.

PhiFIX Session Surveillance application seamlessly supports static and dynamic logs with very minimal delay time. It processes alerts and other reports instantly and also notifies the client system at the same time.

FIX users have access to a massive volume of transactions, which enables powerful filter and search options for narrowing down any particular transaction.

Alerts with its different types and categories: FIX users are open to creating their business-specific alerting configurations with ease.

Key Features
Transaction Monitoring

FIX Transaction monitoring

Advanced Filters

Advanced filters

Predefined Alerts Notifications

Predefined alerts & notifications

Real time market data monitoring

Real-time market data monitoring

In depth Search Capabilities

In-depth search capabilities

Report Generation

Report generation

Statistics on specific logs

Statistics on specific logs

Easy log mapping

Easy log mapping

Message type and instruments

Message type and instruments

Multi connection support

Multi connection support

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