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Adding AI to your customer experience without weakening the human touch needs a special kind of expertise – the expertise that we, at Sensiple have carefully sharpened over two decades in the Customer Experience domain.

Sensiple's ConverSense harnesses our Contact center expertise and the superior AI capabilities of robust cloud infrastructure like Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services to give your agents a strong framework to generate rewarding customer experiences. ConverSense brings everything your agents need into a unified, easy-to-use platform. It helps you achieve your highest customer experience goals with surprisingly less effort from your agents, supervisors and most importantly, your customers.

Feature-rich platform to enhance agent & customer experience

  • Multi-channel Capabilities
    Multi-channel Capabilities
  • Call Transcription​
    Call Transcription​
  • Customer 360​
    Customer 360​
  • Instant Language Translation​
    Instant Language Translation​
  • Collaborative tools Integrated​
    Collaborative tools Integrated​
  • Instant Emotion Detection​
    Instant Emotion Detection​
  • Dynamic KB Assist​
    Dynamic KB Assist​
  • Handle Tickets within Console​
    Handle Tickets within Console​
  • Integrated Productivity Apps​
    Integrated Productivity Apps​
  • Canned Messages​
    Canned Messages​
  • File Sharing
    File Sharing
  • Sentiment Alerts
    Sentiment Alerts

Move to the next level of your CX evolution

Be Ready for Customers

Be ready for customers, wherever, whenever

Today’s digital savvy customers expect personalized, effortless customer experiences every time they interact with your business. Keep them happy and close by being available across all channels and social platforms with omnichannel support.

Enable agents to respond faster, better & smarter

If your agents had one place to look for all their interactions, conversation history, CRM information and knowledge base so they don't have to screen-hop; If they could authenticate customers real-time with Amazon voice biometric integration and didn’t have to worry about customers experiencing long hold times, then they would be what your customers want them to be – service superheroes.

Enable Agents to Respond Faster
Give your Agents and Supervisors

Give your agents and supervisors the 'Data Superpower'

Empower your agents and supervisors by giving them a bird's view on how your customers interact with real-time dashboards showing feedback, sentiment changes and other KPIs, call recordings and transcripts. This will not only help set the right expectations but help them to improve in how they deliver those expectations.

Cut the strings for your agents!

Give your agents the freedom and flexibility to work efficiently no matter where they work from. ConverSense is securely hosted on the cloud allowing them to take a call, chat, text, or handle any interaction and maintain the same service quality whether they work from home or an office.

Cut the Strings

What can ConverSense do for you?

ConverSense is a web-based intelligent and modular canvas that acts as a unified workspace for your contact center agents and supervisors that can be customized based on their personas. Agents can pick and choose their required set of apps from the marketplace and integrate them with their Workspace.

ConverSense makes it easier to:

Connect & Converse

Voice or chat, whatever the channel, your agents can forge strong connections and create next-level experiences for your customers.

Know & Solve

With KB Assist, your agents can now solve customer problems super-fast with knowledge at their fingertips, literally!

Collaborate & Plan

Tools like ServiceNow ITSM, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Calendar integrated into one platform make planning and collaborating across teams smooth and effortless.

Measure & Make better

Keep the guesswork out of your decisions. Get all the metrics you need to gain key insights and improve performance across all parameters.

It's time to explore how a unified, intelligent platform can transform your customer experience. Contact us today!

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