Creating friction-free experiences for your customers while also making work easier for agents is invariably the top goal for contact centers. To achieve this, you must reduce the app overload that slows down your agents and integrate applications to communicate with each other. Integrating legacy applications, data sources and processing can be a challenge-ridden undertaking but one that we, at Sensiple specialize in.

We provide able support in your application integration strategy and implementation, that is right from build to run, and beyond. Our integration services involve aligning your application strategy with business objectives and engineering applications to deliver maximum digital value.

With Sensiple, it is easy to connect everyone to everything. Your complex tech stack can be simplified into one unified platform that enables faster problem resolutions and allows more room for innovation and growth.

Deliver free flow of data across apps, clouds, & data with seamless integration

Unlimited possibilities with API-led architecture

Create custom-built APIs and automate capabilities through our app integration services. Experience simple web-based configuration for easy API entry points and leverage API capabilities to control the data flow via requests.​

Flexible hosting on app platform

Host modern web applications with a flexible design on cloud or on-premise.​

Easy data transformation

Transform data across multiple formats like XML, PDF, etc., and automate your data exchanges with internal systems.​

Quick setup & configuration

Install and integrate without disruption using our easy plug-in and configuration capabilities.​

Precise data access

Enable smooth access from any system irrespective of data format and solve integration challenges with precise connectivity.

Reduced costs

With streamlined integrations, you need not move data in & out of platforms resulting in cutting down the costs.​

Time saving with low-latency

Reduce your latency time with processes directly running within the cloud.

Improved productivity

Boost your productivity by avoiding the need for custom coding and maintaining point-to-point connections.​

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Create a unified experience across your contact center tools with our robust application integration services.

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