Did you know that contact centers lose £5.8 bn every year just because agents have to switch between different applications during a single customer interaction? Is your contact center using multiple systems that agents find hard to navigate through? Perhaps, it’s time for a change because it’s not just about wasted time and money, but also about stress and frustration for agents that reflect in the experiences they deliver to your customers.

Sensiple’s agent desktop integration services eliminate the hassles of siloed systems. We empower agents with a 360-degree view of customer information, full visibility of their own productivity metrics and the flexibility to choose the set of productivity applications they work with every day.With such easy access to all data and tools in one unified desktop, your agents are poised to peak in productivity, with significant improvements in key metrics like Average Handling Time (AHT), First Call Resolution (FCR), and customer satisfaction scores (CSAT).

Make work effortless for your agents and experiences pleasant for your customers!

Enable agents to toggle between channels without toggling screens

With our unified desktop solution your agents can deliver seamless customer experiences across different channels like phone, email, chat without having to switch between multiple screens.​

Arm agents with prompt contextual knowledge

Delivering personalized customer support becomes easier for your agents as they can access all customer data and interactions from integrated CRM applications and other systems in a single window.​

Help agents avoid escalations and customer ire

Empower agents with easy access to critical intelligence like customer intent, and real-time sentiments to drive conversations away from negativity.​

Integrate with Intelligent chatbot to reduce load on agents

Save time and stress for agents with intelligent virtual assistants or chatbot that can perform automated tasks and speed up the response time by guiding the conversation and facilitating a smooth agent-handoff.​

Keep tab of performance with dashboard analytics

Agent data bar displays real-time stats & summary of work performance metrics over the past 24 hours with average response time, CSAT, completed, transferred, or drop-off calls so agents and supervisors can see their progress throughout the day.​

Create flexible workspace for quicker work

Agents can customize their desktop by choosing the third-party applications from the marketplace that are best suited to their work to be displayed on their screen. They can move widgets around as well as size them to their objectives.​

Enable smart collaboration between agents & supervisors

Improve collaboration between team with internal chat option that can be used by agents or supervisors without switching the screen. They can also share the desktop view and present customer context for background assistance.​

Help agents find quick answers with knowledge base

Our agent desktop solution also allows integration with a knowledge base that gives agents ready access to the information they need based on the context of the interaction or the intent identified, without having to actively search for them. ​

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