Achieve trade efficiency by optimizing the low latency seamless communication and PhiFIX can help you attain competitive advantages while sustaining business growth.

Enable PhiFIX Tools & Technologies for High-Frequency Trading Infrastructure

The FIX protocol is an electronic trading communication protocol for all Buy-side/Sell-Side/Venues participants. Users can easily integrate FIX Protocol with any other software application such as API, FIX implementation tools, monitor suite, and simulator. It is a suite of programs built for session management, FIX standard message framing, connectivity, listener, monitor, and initiator, etc.

Sensiple’s PhiFIX is a suite of multi-protocol (FIX, EMAPI, FAST, ITCH & OUCH) based messaging infrastructure to streamline seamless electronic communications in the financial securities industry. It implements the automated trading of multi-assets, including securities, derivative, and other financial instruments. This suite can be deployed comprehensively throughout buy-side, sell-side firms, trading platforms, and to the extent of regulatory bodies.

This suite influences increased connectivity, operational efficiency, and low latency in the trading platform. The differentiator of PhiFIX is, it is a comprehensive, robust, scalable FIX connectivity solution, which supports multiple asset classes, FIX functionalities in pre-trade, trade and post-trade, FIX message formats and various order routing systems.

PhiFIX suite of products spans across the widespread phase of the electronic trading life cycle, which includes FIX session testing, FIX client certification, FIX simulation, FIX messaging engine, and monitoring. This suite of products can be customized and deployed to progress your trading efficiently.

Why Choose PhiFIX

Best Implementation Practices

  • Multiple connectivity using dynamic session creation
  • Dictionary capabilities & FIX Dialects for FIX messages
  • Configuration file for fail message recovery

Ease of Operability

  • Detailed view of log file representation
  • Admin Console for session Monitoring & Controlling
  • Easy integration of admin console with third-party software - TCP connectivity

Operational Advantages

  • Message store and back-up ability
  • Session creation based on logon message
  • Garbage collection controls

Best-in-class Infrastructure

  • Flexible Application layer interaction (In-bound and Out-bound)
  • Quick FIX encoding and decoding
  • Option on FIX Fields to allow all values

Secured Framework

  • Encryption- based Network settings
  • Incoming message validation and reject
  • Malformed message skip or validation

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