Imagine walking into a hospital and seeing all the technicians and doctors use old clunky tools of the 1980's. We'd run out of there in a heartbeat, wouldn't we? No matter how good the hospital is, or how well-qualified the staff are, we know they will not be able to do their best job without the modern tools they need.

In the same vein, against the backdrop of a dynamic and demanding business market, it's important that contact center agents are equipped with the tools they need to deliver great user experiences. Very often, these tools are the timely insights and knowledge that they require to respond to users in the smartest and quickest way possible. So, at Sensiple, we have made it one of our top priorities to empower agents with the insights they require on users, their preferences and journeys.

AI-backed knowledge management to enhance total experience

Make Agents Feel Like SMEs

Make agents feel like experts

With our Dynamic KB Assist, agents get automatic access to relevant knowledge articles on their screen based on the intent identified from real-time chat/call transcripts, so they don't have to search for answers to user queries.

Make your agents completely context-aware

With CRM integrations and AI capabilities, agents get everything they need to know about users - their demographics, language preferences, persona, history of interactions and other crucial information that will help them personalize and enhance user experiences.

Make Your Agents Completely Context-aware
Give Agents the Push

Give agents the push they need with KPI metrics

Help agents and supervisors gauge performance and Key Performance Metrics with comprehensive real-time dashboards so they have a clear picture of how they are doing against goals and how they can improve.

Help agents shine with critical insights at their fingertips

Agents get predictive Decision Assist with personalized responses, prompts for Next Best Action/Next Best Offer and other critical insights that help them make customer interactions more rewarding.

Help Agents Shine with Critical Insights
Keep Agents Firmly in the Driver Seat

Keep agents firmly in the driver seat

Real-time sentiment and anomaly detection enables agents to be in control of conversations and gently steer them back to a point of trust when negative emotions are detected. It also enables supervisors to promptly pitch in and support the agent in regaining customers' confidence.

Give your agents the knowledge superpower to wow your customers every time they contact you.

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