Next-level customer experience is impossible without next-level technology! Legacy applications with their high maintenance costs, inflexible functionalities and inherent complexities are deadweights that slow down your progress.

The Solution? Move to the cloud! Migrating your applications to the more reliable and agile cloud infrastructure allows your business to enhance the accessibility between departments and applications. The higher visibility of data also helps maintain better interactions and communications within the business communities.

At Sensiple, we help you curate an expert application migration strategy that is tailored to your principles, application portfolios, security specifications, consumed cloud resources, on-premises storage, compute, and compliance requirements. And our expert assistance doesn’t stop there. We help you implement the strategy with a complete roadmap for a scalable and secure cloud path.

Experience fast, scalable, and reliable cloud transformation with Sensiple​

Adapt to the largest cloud shift trend

The largest shift of IT spending is in application software as 36 % of companies that hosted their software elsewhere have now moved to the cloud. The national spending on cloud services has increased 8x times from 2010 to 2020, with 70% of organizations intending to increase spending further.​

Cut costs where it counts

Join the cost-cutting initiative (the top reason for 61% of companies to adopt the cloud), boost your bottom line, utilize resources more efficiently and reinvest the money saved into your business to accelerate growth.​

Upgrade security with the cloud

We offer deployment in robust cloud platforms like Google Cloud Platform(GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, which have in-built security features like security analytics, frequent updates and cross-enterprise transparency.​

Deploy quickly

Our lift and shift approach delivers a quick and easy cloud migration solution as it can be migrated with minimal application disruption.​

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Don’t get left behind, have the cloud play a role in your growth strategy.

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