Are you making the most of the piles of data that your business generates every day? Many businesses fail to capitalize on their data super-power because they don’t have the right tools to convert their data to high-level insights. The good news is you don’t have to be one of them.

With Sensiple’s Microsoft Power BI integrations, you can harness the full potential of your data with powerful visualizations and actionable dashboards. The Power BI platform is a business intelligence solution from the house of Microsoft that makes it easy for businesses to create real-time executive dashboards and distill in-the-moment, actionable insights from their data.

Our strong technological and our deep familiarity of the Microsoft ecosystem means that we can help you seamlessly integrate all your data sources with Power BI to meaningfully engage with the data produced and make smart data-driven choices.

Interactive and actionable dashboards for decision making on the go

Get reports right when you need them

With our Power BI integrations, you minimize the chance of getting caught in a crisis unawares. Integrations with applications like ServiceNow can help you monitor critical metrics with automated reports when one or more of those metrics reach a critical threshold while integrations with CRMs like Salesforce can generate reports based on customer actions and help in gleaning their purchase history and usage behavior.​

Disseminate Insights quickly and efficiently

It's one thing to derive valuable insights from your data and quite another to distribute the insights to the right people at the point of their decisions. Integrations with communication platforms like MS Teams and Slack can help you deliver relevant insights to teams or individuals and even prompt them to take actions based on these insights over chat.​

Identify trends that matter

Sensiple’s Power BI integrations allow you to integrate data from all your sources and applications so that it’s easier to spot trends that you would otherwise miss. It gives you a 360-degree view of the business, putting together historical insights and the present status of each customer, product, or process from different perspectives.

Share insights without compromising on data security

Control who has access to the dashboards and visualizations from Power BI so that you be assured of compliance with both internal and industry-wide data security policies and best practices. With such checks in place, users can access sensitive reports only based on authorizations and permissions.

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