If there’s a sure-fire way of making your customers happy, it’s this: Prioritizing their issues and personalizing their journey through your contact center. How can you do this? By designing your contact center routing in a way that makes each customer reaching out to you feel heard and valued. Contact center routing, when done right, can not only optimize the customer experience but also boost operational efficiency and your bottom line.

At Sensiple, we specialize in architecting routing solutions that are carefully customized to the unique needs of your business and your customers. With our routing rules engine building solutions, you have full control over how tickets are routed to your agents. You can route them based on the interaction channel, interaction history, intent, queue wait times and any other criteria or triggers.

Ramp Up Efficiency with Customized Routing Rules Engine!

Manage outcomes better

With our intelligent rules engine, you can identify gaps in the data, events, and pre-determined business rules. You can manage the outcomes better by effecting interventions when they are needed the most.​

Streamline workflows efficiently

Apply consistent business rules to improve efficiency and enhance workflows while also improving the quality of your business decisions.​

Integrate with predictive analytics

Our rules engine is integrated with an advanced analytics tool to enable risk identification, stratification, and scoring that is incorporated into the operational rules.​

Configure based on your needs

Configure the rules engine to give your supervisors the flexibility to create or modify rules based on business changes such as eligibility routing, alerts, operational, and authorization approvals.​

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