Creating great digital customer experiences isn't always about doing everything for your customers. Sometimes, it's about allowing them to help themselves. Data on increasing adoption of Self-service channels show that when customers are in control of their experience,not only does it lead to massive efficiencies in contact center operations, but also to higher customer satisfaction scores.

At Sensiple, we enable brands to meet customers at the point of their need, whenever and wherever it is, with high-quality self-service.

Modernize your contact center with AI-powered self-service

Encourage Self-service with Efficient

Encourage self-service with efficient conversational AI

Our Virtual Assistant and Voice Assistant solutions leverage AI and ML capabilities to provide users with personalized, human-like assistance round the clock. They also give users quick, automated resolutions for common issues and facilitate automatic ticket creation. Efficiencies like these typically translate to a 40% decrease in repeat calls, and about 50% reduction in escalations and channel switching.

Tailor self-service strategies to your unique needs

No two businesses are exactly alike in their needs and goals. At Sensiple, we trim and tune our solutions to address these differences. So apart from our turnkey chatbot solutions, we also offer you a flexible framework that allows you to:

  • Bring Your Own Bot and seamlessly integrate it with our contact center solution or
  • Build Your Own Bot, with no-code requirement and test, deploy and manage them in our platform to provide a unified customer experience that aligns perfectly with your brand goals
Tailor Self-service Strategies
Let IVR do all the Smart Work

Let IVR do all the smart work for you!

We help you design and deploy Conversational IVR in cloud, on-prem or hybrid environments to orchestrate frictionless user journeys. Our intuitive, easily customizable IVR system enables personalized services with customized greetings, provides automated resolutions for inbound queries, reduces stress on agents and measurably improves key metrics like containment rate, Customer Satisfaction scores.

Our Self-service Capabilities​

Our Self-service Capabilities​

Get Self-service right and experience the positive impact in user satisfaction and your bottom line!

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