The quality of your brand's customer conversations can make or break your brand. So, it's important that you give every single conversation the attention it deserves. And what better way to do it than enhancing it with the unlimited potential of Artificial Intelligence.

At Sensiple, we are keenly aware that Conversational AI is pivotal for providing personalized, proactive and perceptive conversations that delight customers . Our Intelligent Chatbot, Jenie is our strong effort to bring together technology, people, processes, information and service in a smooth conversational experience, where every customer and employee's voice is heard and responded to. Powered by Natural Language processing and multi-lingual capabilities, Jenie can be your tireless, round-the-clock customer support touchpoint with near-human conversational capability to understand the contexts of your users’ queries, retrieve information from a knowledge base, provide immediate answers to common issues, and effortlessly connect them to human agents.

What makes Jenie stand out?

  • Spell check
    Spell check
  • Agent handoff
    Agent handoff
  • IVR
  • Self-service
  • Sentiment Analysis
    Sentiment Analysis
  • Feedback records
    Feedback records
  • Multilingual capabilities
    Multilingual capabilities
  • Guided troubleshooting
    Guided troubleshooting

Jenie is super-efficient and can do a lot for your business!

Deflects Call Volume

Jenie deflects call volume

Today's customers are more self-reliant than ever. Match self-service expectations with Jenie's capabilities – She is great at giving guided troubleshooting, can precisely answer frequently asked questions, and provide automated resolutions for simple tasks in near-human language. With Jenie, clients report a 30% deflection of call volume, a dramatic reduction of costs and better agent productivity as they can focus on high-value conversations.

She understands intent and contexts

Jenie has Natural Language Processing abilities and that means your customers are not limited to rigid yes or no responses. They can indulge in a free-flowing conversation as though they are talking to a real person and Jenie can accurately capture the peculiarities in their dialects and even decipher the intent of complex utterances. It can make use of information collected in previous conversations with the user to personalize current interactions.

In other words, Jenie will equip you for today's digital-first, customer-first and AI-first world and its changing demands.

Understands Intent and Contexts

Jenie is a polyglot

Do your customers talk different languages that your agents are not fluent in? That's no problem because our digital human Jenie is empowered with multilingual capabilities that makes it possible for you to offer smooth, pleasant conversational experiences for your customers across the globe, no matter what language they speak in.

She gets better every day!

Jenie collects feedback from your users. Her machine learning capabilities help her make the most of the feedback to improve her performance with time.

Jenie Gets Better Every Day

Step up your CX by leveraging our Digital Human Solutions

Digital interactions have now taken the center-stage in brand experience. Most users have warmed up to chatbots and Virtual assistants offering instant resolutions and near-human conversations. That doesn't, however, stop them from occasionally sighing over the loss of the human touch in these digital experiences.

What if we say your users can have the best of both these worlds, the limitless potential of AI and the vibrancy of Human conversations? Your business can be represented by a tireless, attentive AI avatar that looks and feels more human – a digital human.

Check out our digital human solution on car rental use case:

We use Sensiple's deep expertise in customer experience technology and Uneeq's innovative interface to bridge the gap between human and Conversational AI interactions. Want to know more? Contact us

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