Imagine this: A customer calling your contact center gets connected to the wrong person and goes through long holding times and repeated call transfers. Not only is his experience with your brand ruined, but it could also kick up a social media storm that can bring down your brand image for a much wider audience. One way that smart contact centers avoid such situations is by using Intelligent routing to identify callers, predict their needs and connect them to the right agents quickly.

Sensiple's intelligent routing engine, InteliSense is built with AI and ML capabilities to ensure that all your customers  get the personalized attention they expect and deserve.

Take contact center personalization to the next-level with an intelligent routing engine!

Deliver Great Customer Experiences

Deliver great customer experiences all around the year

InteliSense ensures smooth routing 24*7 *365 days by allowing you to configure holidays and business hours and set specific routing rules for holiday and after-business hours.

Make precise matches between customer queries and agent skill groups

Group agents with different levels of skills, areas of expertise and years of experience; connect callers to the skill group that is best suited to meet their queries. Skill-based routing helps you deliver better customer experiences by ensuring the right calls go to the right agents, the first time.

Make Precise Matches
Reduce Costs

Reduce costs and boost overall performance

InteliSense's intelligent routing helps in even distribution of call loads and improved metrics like faster resolution time and CSAT which brings down call charges and ramps up overall efficiency.

Orchestrate tailor-made customer journeys

Personalize customer journeys by routing calls based on each user's demographics, preferences, intents, sentiments and prior call experiences. With InteliSense, you can always connect your dissatisfied users to the best agents of the day and notify supervisors whenever a user sentiment turns negative.

Orchestrate Tailor-made Customer
Provide Cohesive Experiences

Provide cohesive experiences despite call breakages

In case of call disconnections or breakages, reduce caller frustration by automatically routing calls back to the last agent the caller spoke with.

Our Routing Capabilities

Our Routing Capabilities

Drive your contact center efficiency to the peak with our Intelligent Routing Solutions.

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