At Sensiple, we strongly believe that in a digital world, the best business outcomes stem from an AI-first approach. InteliSense is our solution to optimize every customer journey across the modern contact center. It is an Intelligent engine built with Machine Learning algorithms & Data Mining to provide autonomous solutions, assistive decisions, and actionable insights that ultimately translate to superior user experiences. InteliSense is built on the primary building blocks of scalable microservices that emulate aspects of human cognition, behavior, and data intelligence to transform how a user is serviced by a service desk.

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How InteliSense Optimizes Your Contact Center Operations

How InteliSense Optimizes

Here's how InteliSense makes a difference:

  • Always connects your dissatisfied users to the best agents of the day
  • Reconnects user to the same agent on accidental disconnection
  • Keeps dynamically populating relevant KB articles based on intents
  • Notifies supervisors whenever a bad conversation takes place with the agents
  • Allows supervisors to barge-in on negative sentiment conversations
  • Provides sentiment index for all conversations
  • Dynamically notifies agent training needs based on user feedback, sentiment analytics and more

InteliSense features that boost contact center efficiency

  • KB Assist

    KB Assist
  • Ticket Management

    Ticket Management
  • Emotion Detection

    Emotion Detection
  • Sentiment Score

    Sentiment Score
  • Personalized pitch

    Personalized pitch
  • NBO/NBA recommendations

    NBO/NBA recommendations
  • Routing based on recent discount

    Routing based on recent discount
  • Routing to autonomous bots

    Routing to autonomous bots
  • Anomaly-based rating

    Anomaly-based rating
  • Best agent available routing

    Best agent available routing
  • Knowledge Management Portal Integration

    Knowledge Management Portal Integration
  • Real-time Chat monitoring

    Real-time Chat monitoring

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