AWS provides the tools necessary to develop working applications. Businesses need to be agile and adapt to new environments with haste, as well as roll out applications at the same rate with scale in mind. Resizable compute capacity, object storage with Amazon S3, AWS application development as well as hosting are possible on the AWS Cloud platform.

At Sensiple we use AWS DevOps to create these applications efficiently and without delays, resulting in increased agility for your firm. With AWS’s best practices available, it is possible to get ahead of the competition. Leverage AWS tools to develop and implement products and services faster to grow your business.

Our AWS Cloud Development Services

AWS Application Modernization Services

Having a team of experts in cloud AWS app development, we are able to build for you highly agile, resilient, and responsive mobile/web apps. Sensiple’s application modernization services increase user adoption, and engagement and make sure legal applications are running seamlessly on the cloud.​

Mobile & Web AWS App Development

We develop and deliver mobile and web applications with unique features, app quality, a large time to market, and scalable, performance & reliability.

AWS Migration

Migrating your existing system to the AWS platform is step number one! Step number two is teaming up with a well-established and experienced cloud technology partner like Sensiple. We can help support your business goals like enterprise cloud adoption and make sure you are able to move seamlessly to the cloud.​

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Build and deploy a customizable pipeline with AWS to fit your workflow!

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