Best Practices for Designing Secure and Compliant AWS Well-Architected Framework

The AWS WAF (well-architecture framework) assists cloud architects in building dependable, secure, high-performance infrastructure for a variety of workloads and applications. A well-designed framework focuses on six pillars: operational excellence, security, dependability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and sustainability. It offers clients and partners a standardized way of evaluating architectures and implementing scalable ideas.

What is driving today's I.T. infrastructure modernization in BFSI companies?

There are multiple approaches to achieving IT infrastructure modernization, but the end goal is always consistent: to transform the business and boost its agility and competitiveness in the dynamic marketplace.

Now imagine this scenario:

Sean wants to take a bank loan and starts searching online.

He is flooded with options, each enticing him with low-interest rates, low processing fees, and other deals.

He is flummoxed and wonders which he must choose.

CX Trends for 2022: Insights for the Modern Contact Center

The global halt, induced by the pandemic, transformed the industry narrative and strategies phenomenally. The respite propelled the leaders to revisualize service delivery and optimize contact center processes. The customer migration to the digital platforms increased drastically after an eventful 2020. Previously apprehensive consumers began to populate and consume the offerings of the digital world, which shifted the focus on building customer engagement solutions. Over the past few months, we saw new technologies, concepts, and visions that enhanced customer experience (CX).

The Pandemic Effect: Best Practices to Tackle Hybrid Model Contact Center Work Culture

Make your hybrid contact center a lot more efficient with the significant advantages it offers.

The advent of the pandemic has forever changed and reshaped the world as we know it. From healthcare to logistics, every industry had to face a set of challenges. Now, almost a year and a half down the lane, most organizations have reinvented themselves to ensure business continuity and sustainability.

Deliver exceptional customer experience with the ultimate range of Contact Center testing

Customers are the kingmakers in today’s business world, and every organization is aware of the importance of customer service for a positive after-sales experience. The need for contact center technologies has increased over the past few years as they are often the delivery mechanism for creating that experience. Generally, contact centers utilize a wide range of innovative technologies for the web and other channels to work in cohesion to deliver seamless, immersive customer journeys.

Serverless Vs. Microservices: Which Is a Better Fit For a Growing Organization?

Over the past few years, serverless architecture and microservices have become immensely popular. These are primarily driven by external factors that force enterprises to cope with the customer's digital demands and the market. Although there is a demand, making a transition to either microservices or going serverless is not a simple walk in the park for organizations. There are many elements that the system must depend on to achieve the company's digital ambitions with the capital and technical expertise at their disposal.

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