How to hire the best Python developers for your business?

In recent opinion polls by Stack overflow, Python is highly preferred by developers. The main reason being versatility of the language that can easily solve any challenges for a business and benefit them in the long run. The main reason behind the popularity of Python as a programming language is its concise syntax. Moreover, being a user-friendly programming language, it is quite easy to learn and understand the language as well. Till date many versions of Python have been released, the primary version though was launched in 1989.

Managing Evolving Staffing landscape of current times

The current business landscape is what we can say is quite flux, influenced a lot by the evolving work culture, new trends of employee engagement. With the dynamic nature of employer and employee demands, the concept of what businesses needed to for surviving and flourishing have changed drastically. Standing in 2021 boardrooms have broadened themselves beyond the conventional metrics rather they are now measured in terms of positive employee engagement score.

Why staffing is vital for long-term growth of an organization?

Staffing is one of the most integral functions of an organization. It refers to screening, interviewing, and hiring qualified applicants in an organization for the respective roles and positions. Different factors influence the hiring and recruitment process, including their intellect, skill-sets, and behavior. Any hindrance in recruitment will lead to direct consequences in the performance of the organization. As the saying goes, any organization is only useful as its employees are.

Top Staffing Trends that will shape 2021

As years pass away, trends change, bringing in divergence in economic and industrial activities. 2020 was a year unlike any, and the pandemic has influenced the way we live and the way we function. Travel no longer became a necessity, and millions were forced out of jobs due to the global economy shutdown. The massive disruption has injected the need for innovation as individuals and corporations came up with unique ways to keep their businesses operational.

Staff Augmentation for Corrections - Related Industry

The client is a corrections-related service provider operating more than 30 states across the US. Client has products which helped the inmates to connect with their family members and friends.

Client has an application to provide around-the-clock assistance to both the friends and relatives of incarcerated individuals as well as to parolees, probationers, and others making community corrections payments.

Staff Augmentation for an Automobile Industry

The client is a Global Automobile Giant based out of the US with offices in Michigan, Texas and California.

Immediate need to hire 30 resources on various telematics skills. All the resources were required to come with an automobile industry background and to work onsite at client locations in Michigan and California.

The client wanted to give preference to candidates with past experience working with any of their competitors. The client wanted to put all the resources in place and start the project in a span of 6 weeks.

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